Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Brooklyn Healthy Food Campaign: Food Summer '09 - Volunteer opportunity

Description:The Brooklyn Healthy Food Campaign and Slow Food NYC have joined forces to fight a health crisis of rising obesity and diabetes among children and adults. These diet-related diseases disproportionately affect certain neighborhoods where residents lack access to healthy and culturally-appropriate food

Brooklyn Food Summer '09 is an all-volunteer initiative of the Brooklyn Healthy Food Campaign (BHFC). The BHFC is a partnership of City and State governments, citywide service providers, grassroots organizations, and concerned citizens committed to improving community health and food security in the Borough of Brooklyn. This summer, these groups are joining forces to apply technical expertise, agency resources, and grassroots community organizing to make strides towards this vision.

There are three types of volunteer positions available:

1. Community Food Ambassador
The Community Food Ambassador Program will train you how to talk with your neighbors about the connections between our local food system and the health of our communities; how to help our neighbors get public benefits through programs that support employment and how we can work together to increase access borough-wide to fresh, affordable food.

2. Food Stamps/Food Cards Benefits Pre-Screening Specialist
The Food Stamp/Food Card (EBT) Benefits Pre-Screening Specialists Training Program will train 60 community volunteers to support and increase the capacity of 10 sites actively conducting pre-screenings in Brooklyn in an effort to raise enrollment rates of eligible neighbors and improve their access to fresh, affordable nutrient-dense food.

3. Food Summer Behind the Scenes Support
For volunteers excited to be a part of the Brooklyn Food Summer Campaign, who are unable to make the commitment to being a Community Food Ambassador or a Pre-Screening Specialist, we invite you to join our Behind the Scenes Support team. We are looking for folks with a wide range of skills and interest to support the campaign from researchers, writers, editors, graphic and website designers, photographers to you fill-in-the-blank.

For more information and to sign up to volunteer:

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